Our Story

In 2019, my world went numb. I had just lost my mom to cancer, all while trying to navigate early adulthood.  As I was just beginning to see the light stemming from my grief, the world had other plans. The pandemic started and time, quite literally, stood still.  

About a year into Covid, I barely recognized myself. I couldn’t see family and friends, I stopped working out, and was eating every tik tok trend imaginable. 

One day I just snapped. I could keep going down this road or I could wake up. On a whim, I signed up for a sewing class. My mom was an avid sewer and her mother a seamstress. 

During my first lesson, I wanted to create something I could wear in my everyday life, so I started with headbands and scrunchies. 

I fell back in love with learning and creating things from my hands. Little by little, my scrunchies improved, and I began gifting them to family and friends. My sisters and I started taking small-batch orders and knew we had something special. 

We created Ellen York with the mission of making all women feel beautiful. Our inclusive pieces are made to add a touch of confidence to any hairstyle; whether curly, straight, textured, or somewhere in between. We hope to empower you, to be authentically you.


Alicia (Co-Founder)